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Crew Secret Santa ideas for 2021

This year’s top gift ideas for your onboard Crew Secret Santa!

superyacht job offers

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How to decide between two superyacht job offers

Superyacht job offers are like buses – there are usually two at once. But there is an art to deciding which one is right for you…

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retaining crew

CareersLeadershipRecruitmentSuperyacht Industry Insights

Retaining crew in the yachting recruitment crisis

There’s currently a recruitment crisis in the yachting sector, which means a focus on retaining crew should be a top priority for boats.

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Negotiating your employment terms

Over a third of candidates don’t negotiate on salary and terms during the recruitment process. Here’s why negotiating from the offset can lead to long-term role success.

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legasea mentorship

CareersCompany News

Quay Crew announces support for LEGASEA mentorship programme

Specialist superyacht recruitment agency joins forces with Burgess to support the industry-first LEGASEA mentorship programme, and give select candidates access for free.

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superyacht stewardess


The shelf life of a Superyacht Stewardess

It’s sad but true that a female superyacht stewardess has a shelf life. So how do you make the most of your career onboard and transition successfully to a shore-based role?

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hiring superyacht crew

LeadershipRecruitmentSuperyacht Industry Insights

Hiring superyacht crew? Speed is of the essence!

With an extreme shortage of good candidates available, anyone hiring superyacht crew needs to act fast, extremely fast, or risk losing them to another boat.

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YPY yachting professionals

Company News

Quay Crew confirms sponsorship support for land-based network of yachting professionals

As we continue to make waves in land-based recruitment for the yachting sector, Quay Crew has confirmed the sponsorship of Young Professionals in Yachting – an exclusive network of shore-based employees globally.

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cruise into yachting

CareersCrew Advice

Can you cruise into yachting?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career onboard superyachts and have already worked on cruise ships, you would be mistaken for thinking it’s an easy switch. Whilst there are some positives, there are also some negatives to consider before you cruise into yachting.

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