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Why do junior crew leave a yacht?

In a recent survey of junior crew, we asked what factors made them leave a yacht and what would encourage them to stay onboard.

Ellie Younis chief officer

Crew AdviceDeckLeadership

Interview – Carving a career as a female Chief Officer

In 2014, Ellie Younis first joined the superyacht industry as a temporary deckhand and just five years later, landed herself…

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superyacht programme

Crew AdviceRecruitment

Choosing the right superyacht programme

Single season, dual season or world cruising…which type of superyacht programme is right for you? Are you a green crew…

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female deckhands bekah


Female deckhands – holla!

It’s not uncommon for girls to keep pushing the limits, in science, extreme sports and in business – and female deckhands are no different.

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superyacht job update

RecruitmentSuperyacht Industry Insights

Superyacht jobs market update – Q1 2023

Interest in superyacht jobs ramped up in the first quarter of the year, with a huge 92% increase in candidate registrations.

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Captain Tom Auckland search and rescue


A statement from Captain Tom Auckland

Some of you may have come across this story already in the last week or so, but for those of…

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crew burnout

Crew Advice

Recognising crew burnout and fatigue

The way we spend our daily life shapes our overall mental and physical health and since yachties spend most of…

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