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Crew mental health – The state of the superyacht sector 2024

The superyacht sector is moving in the right direction when it comes to crew mental health, albeit at a snail’s…

yacht crew crunching numbers


Yacht crew moving shoreside – crunching the numbers

If you’re currently enjoying life as yacht crew but have been pondering the idea, and even opportunities, to move to…

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yacht tender deckhands

CareersCrew AdviceDeck

Exposure to tender driving: what all Deckhands dreams of?

As a crew recruitment agent, I’m naturally in contact with a large number of Deckhands on a weekly basis, and…

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superyacht job update

RecruitmentSuperyacht Industry Insights

Superyacht jobs market update – Q4 2023

As HODs settled in for the summer season, junior crew recruitment ramped up in the second quarter of 2023, representing more than 70% of superyacht jobs for Quay Crew.

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captain candidate


Interview questions to ask as a Captain candidate

Interviewing as an employer is one thing, but as a Captain candidate, there are great questions you can ask at…

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Superyacht Captain Jobs Tips

CaptainsClientsSuperyacht Industry Insights

Superyacht Captain salary survey 2023

In our biggest salary survey yet, we have uncovered detailed insights into Superyacht Captain salary and leave packages. Almost 300…

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yachting christmas

Crew AdviceGuest BlogYachting & Travel

Compassion at Christmas: The yachting edition

Check out our latest guest blog from Emma Kate Ross of Seas the Mind, with some tips for crew to help each other get through Christmas onboard by showing compassion.

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engine room

ClientsEngineeringSuperyacht Industry Insights

Chief Engineer salary survey 2023

Our latest salary survey among superyacht HODs reveals salary and package information for Chief Engineers. More than 100 responses were…

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crew candidate

CareersCrew AdviceRecruitment

Good vs bad crew candidate – in the eyes of the superyacht

So, you think you’re a great crew candidate? You might need to think again. Following on from a previous blog,…

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