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You all have your priorities wrong!

Now I’ve got your attention with that provocative title hopefully you will read the rest of this blog and give what I am saying some considered thought.

How to make the most of a position you are not 100% happy with

2020 has been a challenging and turbulent year for all with little to no sign of things changing in the near future, but I’d say one of the least effected industries would be the Superyacht Industry.

How many Captains are there….?

I speak to Captains and Chief Officers on a daily basis regarding their current job, their next job, how to best get a job or what their chances of getting a job are.

CVs: Bring Your ’A’ Game!

Your CV is often the first impression a recruiter will have of you, whether that’s a Crew Agent, Captain, Chief Engineer, Chief Stew, Chief Officer – or even an owner!

How committed are you?

This is a question that is making its way to the top of my list when interviewing crew. Are you 100% committed to finding your next role?

Should I spend / waste my hard earned cash on a course?

We get asked ‘what additional courses should I do?’ all the time by green crew looking to enter the industry and the answer remains the same. Just do the basics.

I'm too busy!

The below is a summary of a scenario which plays out fairly regularly in yachting. I have got permission from the Captain involved to share this tale.

Quarantine Blues

This blog is aimed at crew, as we feel some are not taking their quarantine responsibilities seriously enough and this could have far reaching consequences.

Finding work during the Pandemic/Lockdown

Quay Crew's Deckhand consultant Tom is answering your Pandemic/Lockdown Yachting questions...

What are other yachts doing now?

Quay Crew carried out a survey to find out what is really going on in the industry right now...

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