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What can the yacht crew do during the lockdown?

Check out our suggestions for keeping your yacht crew morale high with activities and games to keep them occupied during the Corona virus lockdown.

Just get a job

Contrary to expectations this blog isn’t referring to people just accepting any job when they join yachting. This is related to pre yachting careers

Etiquette on board

Although not everyone is likely to be your cup of tea onboard you are in essence joining a new family. When everyone does there bit onboard things run a lot smoother. Whether you are just joining, or are a veteran member of crew, take a minute to assess yourself.

Green Crew you need to get yourself to Europe

Starting out in the industry is tough. I understand that as it took me almost 6 months to get my first permanent job after months of day work in the South of France. This was over 4 years ago, and things have only got more competitive since!

We were all green once and that’s worth remembering every once in a while

It’s the general consensus that green crew should be grateful for any opportunity thrown their way, certainly in the office we are keen to shout that from the rooftops but just how true is that sentiment?

Where have all the Chief Officers gone?

The title of this blog is slightly tongue in cheek and I wrote it whilst humming a tune from my youth with a very similar title...

That 'elusive' couples role

We at Quay Crew is regularly contacted to help crew find the perfect couples job but is there really such a thing?

Must-Try Christmas Cocktails

A selection of delicious seasonal cocktails which should be part of any festive celebration...

Junior crew’s realistic expectations

In this blog we will cover realistic expectations and packages for crew entering the industry and after 1 season. 

Guest blog: Jenny Mathews & Natasha Ambrose - How to get the yacht owner onboard with your Idea

In our guest blog we get some tips from the top that will help you get owners to see things your way...

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