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superyacht job update

Larger yachts and more senior roles were a focus in Q3, which is reflected in the rise in average salaries across all departments, and the 20% increase in superyacht jobs offering time for time rotation.

We’ve also placed almost three times as many temporary onboard roles, many of which have gone on to become permanent, but was likely down to it being mid-season and yachts needing to cover sickness and unexpected leave.  

The average salary was €5,131 between July and September 2023, compared to €4,965 in the previous quarter when there were a lot more junior placements made.

The biggest uplift was in the engineering department, with a 28% rise in average salaries due to many of the roles being Chief Engineers.

The average monthly salaries by department were as follows:

The jobs by department only changed slightly, with a handful more placements made in the deck and engineering department, and a handful less in the interior department and shoreside.

Usage remains an almost even split between private and private/charter yachts, and 36% of the yachts were in the 70-79m size bracket in Q3.

Perhaps in part because many of the superyacht jobs were more senior, those offering 3:1 rotation or better accounted for two-thirds of the placements.   

Onboard, we are now seeing some seasonal spikes as crew move on after the summer season and year-round yachts require replacements.

There are also a few new build projects which have begun crew shortlisting well in advance of 2024 launches.

Shoreside, we are working with some prestigious private households and well-known yacht management companies, which have some fantastic opportunities for former yacht crew.

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Superyacht jobs market update – Q3 2023

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