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Must-Try Christmas Cocktails

A selection of delicious seasonal cocktails which should be part of any festive celebration...

Junior crew’s realistic expectations

In this blog we will cover realistic expectations and packages for crew entering the industry and after 1 season. 

Guest blog: Jenny Mathews & Natasha Ambrose - How to get the yacht owner onboard with your Idea

In our guest blog we get some tips from the top that will help you get owners to see things your way...

Do unicorn (purser roles) exist?

For many, becoming a Purser is the dream, your own office, no guest contact and a 9-5 working day..... this may be the dream but it’s by no […]

Networking: It’s good to talk

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or you’re established and looking to progress your career, networking is fundamentally one of the most important things you can […]

Why can’t I hire good junior crew?

For the purposes of this article I am classing all crew with under 2 years of experience as junior crew. This is something I hear quite a lot, […]

Guest Blog: Scott Molloy - Will emerging satellite technologies solve connectivity challenges at sea?

Intro In the first of my blog entries written for Quay Crew, I’ll be discussing some hot issues surrounding the dynamic world of superyacht AV/IT and communications technologies. […]

What to look for in your next Yacht...

With the end of the Med season in sight a lot of crew look to move yachts for a variety of reasons however have you considered that the […]

Unlocking the mystery of the modern Superyacht through the eyes of the crew on board M/Y Arience

Introducing M/Y Arience... BOAT STATS: M/Y Arience Size: 60m Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen Year: 2012 Crew: 16 Engines: 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M53R Total Power: 4010hp / […]

Crew Salaries: How cheap is too cheap?

There has been much speculation and input from crew recently on salaries across all departments but certainly in particular with green crew, so I thought I would stick […]

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