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Young Professionals in Yachting

YPY has been created by a team of ambitious young professionals in the land-based yachting sector who endeavour to share knowledge and develop long-lasting relationships among peers for career success. Through its international network and series of global events, the organisation fosters collaboration and development via keynote sessions and seminars. As a member and sponsor, we work alongside YPY to highlight the multitude of land-based opportunities for seagoing crew and shore-based professionals looking to make their mark in this evolving industry.

Mental Health Support Solutions

MHSS is a specialist provider of mental health support services to seafarers and the maritime industry worldwide. As its exclusive superyacht recruitment partner, Quay Crew proactively promotes positive mental health practices and support services across the sector. We do this through giving all placed crew access to the MHSS international 24/7 mental health helpline and delivering a regular programme of educational webinars to Captains, HODs and management companies in partnership with the clinical psychologists at MHSS.


This international mentorship programme brings together yachting professionals from around to the world and at all levels of their career to drive progression and longevity and ensuring everyone can leave a ‘LegaSea’. With first-hand experience of the talent leak occurring far too often in the sector, we lend our support to LegaSea by encouraging the flow of skilled candidates from ship to shore and utilising our international network of contacts to build better relationships.

Pinpoint Works

Quay Crew have partnered with Pinpoint Works, meaning all new build superyachts that we recruit for exclusively will be able to utilise the project management software for their recruitment. Pinpoint Works acts a client portal so all stakeholders have full oversight instantly of candidates, and all CVs, documents are in one place and easily accessed. This dramatically streamlines the recruitment process, reduces email chains and prevents duplication of work – the end result being a significant amount of valuable time is created for Captains & HODs to spend on other priorities.

She of the Sea

She of the Sea is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across the international yachting industry and we are proud to support them as a Pledge Signatory. We have always been firm believers that every candidate should have a fair and equal opportunity and that only the best candidates should get the job. The work they do to minimise discrimination and raise awareness of equal rights is commendable, and we strive to support them through building awareness and encouraging best practice recruitment methods.

MCA Certified Recruitment and Placement Agency

Quay Crew is committed to comply with the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 to ensure free, fair and safe placement services are provided to crew. This also includes the protection of crew confidentiality and personal data, maintaining up-to-date vessel information and taking steps to ensure no crew member is subject to exploitation.