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chief stew salary

In an ongoing research campaign to uncover salary and package information of superyacht Heads of Department, Quay Crew has carried out another survey among Chief Stews.

Collecting over 100 detailed responses from 40m to 100m+ yachts, the analysis contains detailed comparisons between yacht size and usage, with specific reference to rotational vs full time roles and associated pay.  

The key findings are:

Caroline Clarke-Jack, Director at Quay Crew, commented:

“The findings in this survey give an indicative overview of Chief Stew salaries and packages, and definitely reflect the roles we work on, with the exception of a few unicorns we get every now and then which is most likely due to those Chief Stews being onboard for some time.

“Overall, salaries are where would expect them to be and there’s definitely been a shift in the last year with yachts giving similar leave packages to Chief Stews as other HODs. Rotation is certainly more common now.”

Caroline continued:

“What does make for interesting reading, however, is the salary expectations of Chief Stews looking for rotation versus the reality.

“A lot of candidates we speak to for Interior HOD roles think €8,000 per month with time for time rotation is a good place to start and we always advise this is high. And the findings support this.

“In fact, this survey demonstrates that by seeking time for time rotation, you sacrifice a slightly higher salary compared to those with 3:1 / 2:1 / 4:2 rotation.

“For Chief Stews wanting to move into the rotational market, I would advise they make rotation the non-negotiable element and review everything else on a case-by-case basis. Bear in mind, if you have been with your previous owners for five years in a full-time role, you will likely have to take a pay cut in return for rotation.”

We are currently working on Captain and Chief Engineer. If you want to take part or be able to access these reports, please sign up to our new client portal here.

Chief Stew salary survey 2023

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