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The deepest recorded ocean depth is 10,935m, a number which isn’t too far off the number of yacht crew applications we get for each Yotspot job we post.

I get it, when looking for your first or next role onboard, it is easy to fall into the trap of ‘quantity over quality’, applying for each advert that mentions Deckhand, Stew or whatever role you are looking for, regardless of whether or not you possess the relevant experience or qualifications.

After all, in a market saturated with opportunities, it might seem like a numbers game—apply to enough positions, and eventually, something will stick, right? Wrong.

Let’s be honest – this just leads to frustration, disappointment, and ultimately, wasted time and effort. So, let’s explore why applying for every position on Yotspot without the relevant experience isn’t going to land you the job you desire.

Mismatched skills and requirements

Job posts typically outline specific qualifications, skills, and experience required for the role. Sometimes, there is some flex on this but a lot of the time it comes down to safe-manning or owner preferences.

When you apply on Yotspot without possessing these prerequisites, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Our clients are looking for candidates who can hit the ground running and contribute effectively from day one. If you lack the necessary experience, you’ll likely struggle to meet their expectations.

Lack of credibility

Applying for jobs you’re not qualified for can damage your credibility in the eyes of HODs and recruiters. It signals a lack of understanding and makes it very obvious that you haven’t read the Yotspot advert. Everyone lists ‘good attention to detail’ on their CV but fails to demonstrate this when it comes to reading the adverts. Instead of casting a wide net, focus on roles where you can genuinely show your expertise.

Negative Impression

The reality is, we remember candidates who apply indiscriminately to every single job, regardless of relevance. If you’re green and applying for a lead deck role, it reflects poorly on your professionalism and suggests a lack of discernment in your job search approach.

Instead, strive to build a reputation as a focused and strategic applicant who applies thoughtfully and selectively to positions where you can genuinely excel – THIS IS KEY.

Missed opportunities for growth

While it’s important to apply for roles that align with your current skill set, don’t shy away from stretching yourself and pursuing positions that offer opportunities for growth and development.

Having said that, there’s a fine line between reaching for new challenges and applying blindly to roles for which you’re vastly underqualified. Be realistic about your capabilities and seek out opportunities that allow you to learn and grow while leveraging your existing strengths.

The alternative

Rather than adopting a scattershot approach to job hunting, take the time to assess each Yotspot opportunity carefully. Ask yourself:

Looking for work isn’t fun and at times but applying for every job advert without the relevant experience is a counterproductive strategy that undermines your credibility, wastes valuable time and resources, and diminishes your chances of securing your next role.

Instead, take a targeted and strategic approach to your job search, focusing on roles where you can leverage your expertise and make a genuine impact. By aligning your skills and experience with the requirements of the role, you’ll position yourself as a strong and compelling candidate worthy of consideration.

Quality always trumps quantity when it comes to job applications. If you need any advice or are a little unsure, I’m here for you. I can’t promise you the dream of rainbows and butterflies, but I can definitely manage your expectations and set you up better in a way that might just turn your job search around with success on Yotspot.

Final word of warning – expressing your interest is NOT an application

With all of the above in mind, remember that when you express or show your interest in a Yotspot advert, you are not actually applying. You are putting your CV (and cover letter if you bother to write one) forward for review.

I can’t speak for other agencies, but at Quay Crew, we will review these and only reach out if we can see that you’ve made a considered application, not a scattergun approach. We do this because we want to conduct a pre-interview, giving you more information about the yacht and role to make sure you are interested and suitable.

So if you don’t answer your phone or respond to emails, your application WILL NOT be processed. 

Maximising success on Yotspot

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