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superyacht job update

As we come to the end of the first quarter of 2024, Quay Crew has enjoyed one of its busiest periods ever in the superyacht jobs market!

There was a 27% increase in candidate registrations, 13% more placements made and a 10% rise in the average monthly salary across the board, now sitting at €5,869.

Permanent jobs were more prevalent this quarter, making up 9 out of 10 placements compared to 78% in Q4 2023. Senior superyacht jobs jumped from 22.5% to over a third too, which is reflective in the salary.

In terms of size, exactly half of the placements were onboard 60-79m superyachts, with 90m+ vessels accounting for a further 30%.

This quarter, the percentage split of jobs across all departments remained indifferent again, aside from engineering, which saw a decline in crew turnover, but an impressive 25% increase in average monthly salary.

There was also a slight increase in interior/galley superyacht jobs, up from 38% to 42%, and a 10% rise in average salaries. But it was the Captain salaries that saw the biggest jump, from €9,293 to €14,807 pcm.

The average monthly salaries by department were as follows:

Full time roles were more common this quarter, with the number of superyacht jobs offering less than 45 days leave rising from 1.5% to 10%. There was minimal change to all other leave packages.

With a third more jobs coming in this quarter, it’s been incredibly busy. The demand for crew with secondary skills remains a priority for yachts, and there’s been more movement in the Officer and Captain markets too.

From a client perspective, we’re seeing an increased awareness of crew wellbeing too, with more yachts looking at how they can create a better onboard culture and attract and retain the best candidates.

In the land-based yachting, maritime and private household sectors, we are also experiencing a high demand, which is now being facilitated by dedicated desks. If you require yacht sector professionals or domestic staff, please get in touch.

Register as a candidate with us here or contact our team if you are currently recruiting.

Superyacht jobs market update – Q1 2024

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