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crew candidate

So, you think you’re a great crew candidate? You might need to think again.

Following on from a previous blog, where we detailed how candidates rated a superyacht in terms of package, itinerary, and reputation, superyachts have a pretty good idea of what they perceive as good and bad candidates.

These are the things that yachts are consistently looking for in their crew. If you aren’t ticking all these boxes, then you need to compromise on your expectations – especially junior crew who very often have an inflated sense of worth regarding what salary and rotation they should get.

In a nutshell, crew candidates who lack longevity, great references and experience on a reasonable pedigree of yacht will struggle to get those incredible roles. Build your CV, get some good longevity, work your arse off and be a good crew member so you get a good reference.

This blog I wrote a few years ago is an excellent starting point on the basics that you can control to be that great crew candidate.

Pick up these work habits for a successful Superyacht career! – Quay Crew

And for clarity, I had a lot of Captains contacting me about this blog, some even going to the extent of printing it and putting it up in the crew mess. Follow those behaviours and you will be a great crew member, even if you aren’t the world’s best stewardess.

Good vs bad crew candidate – in the eyes of the superyacht

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