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Why specialist yacht crew can bring the ‘wow’ factor to your charters

Speciality yacht crew positions are often some of the hardest roles to fill on a superyacht, yet are of vital importance to the happiness of the boss and his guests. Neglect to recruit for these positions properly, or leave it to the last minute, and you could end up with unhappy guests- and we all know what kind of a headache that can be!

Just as you wouldn’t entrust a professional candidate-search in the business arena to the classifieds section of a newspaper, don’t expect a halfhearted Facebook post to answer the call when you’re looking for someone with unique talents. Here a professional, experienced yacht crew agency who has developed relationships with other industries to source candidates with transferable skills is key.

So what type of job onboard counts as ‘speciality crew’?

1. A Paramedic or Nurse

Quay Crew

Especially on larger yachts, having a crew member onboard who is a certified nurse with first-response training, or hospital and paramedic experience can enhance the health and safety of both guests and crew onboard. Following the spate of recent accidents onboard involving crew, having someone on the scene who has saved lives in their previous career is invaluable. In addition, they also provide peace of mind to yachts that partake in diving and extreme water sports in remote locations. As an example, we recently placed a UK Special Forces medic into his first superyacht role where he is flourishing. Because of the relationships Quay Crew have carefully nurtured in this sector, we are able to find the most highly skilled candidates who have relevant hands-on experience of keeping seriously injured people alive. They also prove useful on the security front every now and then as well!

2. Personal Trainer

Health and wellness is a part of our day-to-day lives that normally goes out the window on vacation. But with owners taking their health more seriously and spending more time on board with their families, having a crew member qualified in personal training, yoga, Pilates or boxing will make sure the guests come off the boat looking just as good as when they stepped on board. Liaising also with chefs, nutritionally aware yacht personal trainers can provide a 360-degree wellness program on board. Keeping the crew in shape during their limited downtime has its plus points as well.

3. Watersports Instructors

We are increasingly seeing requests for qualified kitesurfing and wakeboarding instructors. A key challenge is how to find them and get them ticketed and certified to be onboard while making sure they understand the majority of their job involves scrubbing and cleaning! A great crew agency not only does all the research and vetting but also has the contacts to find these guys. Again we have fostered relationships within this sector to make sure we are able to find the top people!

4. Hairdressers

The salty sea air can be a real devil when it comes to keeping your barnet beautiful all day… Guests won’t be able to thank you enough for hiring an onboard stylist to coif them to perfection before they walk down the gangway for a night out. As yachts are getting larger, we are seeing more and more dedicated beauty rooms appearing onboard and these superyacht salons are probably some of the most well equipped on earth! A dual stew/beauty role is highly sought after, with some candidates transferring from professional salon careers, and others coming from the cruise ship world.

5. Massage and beauty specialists

There is a real shortage of really good yacht massage therapists. Unfortunately, various training establishments are turning out masseuses with massage qualifications after a week long course. Don’t take a chance by hiring someone like this. With larger vessels equipped with their own treatment rooms for therapists, these are key personnel that can make or break a charter’s success. Wouldn’t the boss rather have hands he can trust working out that kink?

At Quay Crew we are always looking for jobs for yacht crew with other strong secondary skills, be that carpenters, boat builders, videographers, drone technicians or sports coaches as they are bringing something else to the table which adds value.

To find out more why Quay Crew are the agency to help you with all your specialised crew requirements, simply click here to contact us.

Why specialist yacht crew can bring the ‘wow’ factor to your charters

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