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#QuayCrewQuality: 6 Things that Make us Stand Out

Here at Quay Crew, we love what we do. Nothing brings us more pleasure than placing that perfect candidate on board and creating meaningful long-standing relationships with owners, captains and crew, all central to our mission to be the strongest crew agency in the yachting industry. What else makes us stand apart from the rest?

We are not only ex-crew but also so much more

Collectively we have over a decade of experience working as crew, but we also come from years of professional recruitment experience in other sectors of business. In addition to Tim, who spent six years working in the London financial sector (after stepping ashore), Sam managed a recruitment team of four focused on Office staff from Admin to Marketing and everything in between and has more than four years of recruitment experience. Coming from diverse professional backgrounds provides us with the knowledge, tools and talent management skills to support complex organisational needs for the successful operation of the yacht.

Quality over quantity

Your time is money. So you will never receive 12 CVs from us to sift through to fill a specific crew position. We do not execute database mining but use a methodical evaluation and vetting process by activating all of our recruitment channels while also providing a high level of discretion. As is the case often for speciality crew positions, the most sought-after candidates are not necessarily looking for a new job. Our direct and personalised approach is designed to identify high-performance candidates that will meet your specific needs and who will create a lasting impact on board.

We will talk to references, all of them

A recent survey from CareerBuilder examined more than 2,500 recruiters and found that over 50% of candidates have been caught lying on their CVs. What was the most common culprit? Exaggerating on their skills and capabilities. We are experiencing a crucial moment in our industry where the health and safety of all on board is paramount to the future of yachting and far too many rely solely on a CV or written reference to evaluate a candidate’s skill set. We speak to every single employer of a candidate to ensure each has a practical and genuine understanding of his or her role and responsibilities.

We want to meet you

Ours is a business that thrives on great relationships and there’s no better way to cultivate this than meeting you. While it may not always be possible due to geography, our goal is to meet, in person, all of our candidates and clients. It’s a well-known fact that job seekers are feeling the pressure to get make sure their CVs stand out with many being evaluated in five minutes or less. We know you wouldn’t hire someone after a quick review of their CV and neither do we. So feel free to reach out to us, set up a meeting, or stop by, so that we can get to know you and your specific needs better.

We’re in this for the long haul

A quick win is wasted on us. We will not send candidates off to boats that aren’t the right fit for them, and equally, we won’t convince clients to take on a crew member that we know isn’t going to be the right fit for their vessel. This has cost us a few placements in the past, but we are in it for the long haul and are dedicated to ensuring that all of our candidates have long, successful careers and that those recruiting know we won’t let them down.

We will give you more

We don’t just send CVs. We provide comprehensive recruitment services that include market intelligence analysis and crew retention support. When it comes to supporting you with your crew requirement needs we have a large amount of knowledge to share from our own experiences and are dedicated to ensuring we are putting together the right candidates with the best yacht.

#QuayCrewQuality: 6 Things that Make us Stand Out

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