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A week in the life of a crew agent…


Arrived nice and early in the office today. An hour spent whilst no-one else is here is the perfect time for emails and concentrating with no distractions!

Monday morning is always a busy time in our office. Although we look at our emails over the weekend and generally reply to urgent requests, the start of the week is usually taken up with responding to anything that has come in over the past couple of days.

Every morning we check our new registrants and candidates that have updated their CVs. Staying on top of this is a huge part of our job which is why it is essential that candidates help us by keeping their files accurate with the correct information! The afternoon is then spent reviewing the jobs we have in, finding any more suitable candidates, interviewing & reference checking!


Reviewing candidates this morning, I’ve found an amazing Second Stew. Great attitude, excellent longevity on her last two yachts and also has fantastic references to back all of this up!!

I get her file ready, notes made, certificates etc checked and then discuss our suitable jobs with her. I manage to get her CV out to three yachts and I have a really good feeling that they are all going to like her!


Spent the day reviewing candidates for a new role I’ve had in. It’s a Chief Stew role on a 60m charter yacht. They are paying excellent money so want a candidate with previous experience on charters and with longevity.

I’ve had dozens of applications but a large percentage aren’t qualified for the role making sifting through the list time consuming & frustrating. I finally think I’ve found an absolute gem only to reference check her and it appears the candidate has been stretching the truth on her CV and after further digging, it appears she quit her last job one day before a charter over a minor disagreement…

Back to the drawing board it seems!


What a frustrating day! I can’t reach candidates or references. No one is answering, phone numbers are wrong, referees have left yachts and so details are out of date etc. All in all, I feel like it’s a day wasted!!


A good end to the week! The candidate I found earlier in the week has had three out of three interviews and been offered two of the roles. We’ve spent 20 minutes discussing her options, pros and cons of each of the yachts and she has made a decision to go with one of them. A great decision and I’m sure she will be happy on board.

There is a lot of negativity about crew agents and how we don’t care about our crew or the yachts but that’s just not true. I’m genuinely happy for my candidate and I’m thrilled the yacht has found someone I think will be a genuinely good fit!

A lovely finish to the week topped with our early Friday finish, I’m feeling happy as I leave the office!

A week in the life of a crew agent…

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