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In aid of World Ocean Day, Here’s 10 things you can do to save the Ocean

It’s always been our responsibility as humans to keep the oceans clean, and in recent years we’ve gotten pretty bad at it. Most of us don’t even realise that we harm the ocean daily! So here’s some everyday changes you can make to your life, so that we can protect the oceans for as long as possible.


There is still time to save the oceans and all the inhabitants of it! We just need to be a little more careful with what we buy and what we use. Did you know, what we do in the next ten years is critical to the survival of the oceans? All of us, whether we’re living at sea or on land need to make some big changes, and FAST!


  1. Eat sustainable seafood. Yes, seafood is delicious – And it’s fine to eat it in a sustainable way. However, there are certain species of fish that are so popular with humans that they’re dying out from overfishing. Look for terms in shops such as ‘line caught’, ‘diver caught’ or ‘sustainably caught’.


  1. Be aware. Make changes to positively affect your carbon footprint. Try cycling to work, use energy saving lightbulbs, help clear up the beaches! There’s so much more we could all be doing to not only save the ocean, but the world too.


  1. Use fewer plastic products. This is a hot topic at the moment, with many huge companies such as MacDonald’s and Wagamama even banning the use of plastic straws in their business. Whether you’re at sea, or on land – Stop using plastic. There is an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic currently circulating our oceans, This amount is equivalent to a bin lorry dumping plastic into the ocean every single minute. Make sure you’re always carrying around a reusable water bottle, store your food in a non-disposable container and RECYCLE. Making these small changes will make a difference!


  1. Don’t exploit marine life. Travelling around the world is an adventure like no other – But make sure while you’re travelling the oceans to NEVER purchase items that exploit marine life. No coral jewellery, or dried out seahorses.


  1. Practice responsible boating. Whether you’re kayaking, boating or doing other recreational ocean based activities, make sure you never throw any rubbish into the sea! There will eventually be a bin somewhere, so don’t be lazy. Always be aware and educated about the marine life around you too.


  1. Support organisations that work to protect the ocean. Find a national organisation and consider giving financial support, or volunteer your own time for them. If you live near a coast, join up with a local group and get involved!


  1. Look out for ecologically responsible products. Support the efforts by those in different industries who are making stylish and sustainable everyday items such as outdoor furniture or sunglasses from recycled ocean plastic.


  1. Do not keep fish as pets. Do not keep exotic fish species in captivity, a lot of people don’t realise how harmful this is for the fish and the ocean. Furthermore, fish tank accessories are still being sourced from fragile coastal ecosystems, so avoid buying them.


  1. Recycle! Non-recycled items, particularly plastic end up reaching the ocean as we know – Make sure to always separate your rubbish and use recycling bins when needed.


  1. Education. Educating yourself and others on this matter is vital to the survival of the ocean. Share this post, and you’re helping the oceans! The main goal is to spread awareness, and that’s something anyone can do. By spreading awareness of the project, you help inform other people of the issues. Tell your friends, and they’ll tell their friends, and pretty soon we’re all in it together.


To find your nearest beach clean up follow this link:

In aid of World Ocean Day, Here’s 10 things you can do to save the Ocean

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