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How to save money whilst you’re in Antibes

Congratulations, you have made the jump and arrived in Antibes in search of that new career on a superyacht! You might be excited, perhaps a little nervous, especially if it’s one of the first times you’ve been away from home.

Now you have made the effort, packed up your life and taken the flight to get here you really don’t want money to be the reason you have to go home.

You will see that for some crew they strike lucky pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s a case of right time, right place and other times they have a skill that makes them irresistible. The reality for most is a much longer slog of hard work and perseverance to secure that role. It is important to be prepared both mentally and financially for the long haul. Here are some ways that will help you save money:

What to wear

Hopefully, you have come prepared with suitable clothes for dock walking and day work. A simple white polo, shorts/ skorts and deck shoes are probably all you will need as once you get to Antibes you might be limited and pay a premium for the branded ‘yachtie’ wear.


Although you don’t want a pile of printed CVs, which will be out of date as soon as you’ve done your first stint of day work, don’t come completely empty-handed. If you are printing in an internet café there probably aren’t many positives to printing loads of the same, even if bulk printing seems more economical. It’s much better to print fewer copies that actually make it into the right hands than lots of copies that then end up in the bin.

Business cards

Think about making your own business cards, it’s certainly not a necessity for securing a job but it might make you stand out.

Food shopping

This seems very simple but Antibes has a lot of supermarkets. It is worth looking around as the cost of food in the different supermarkets can differ significantly. Try not to be drawn into eating in restaurants too often if you can. Although French cuisine has a reputation for a reason, you want to prolong your stay in Antibes so if that means tinned soup or pasta pesto for a few weeks so be it! Picnics on the beach are also a nice alternative to socialising in a restaurant or bars…


Although being sociable and networking is a big part of joining the industry, try to avoid spending a fortune in the yachtie bars. Whilst they are semi-good for meeting people you will soon find yourself whizzing through the Euro’s!


Shop around for accommodation. Again, whilst crew houses are great for networking and hearing about day work, if you are on a shoestring there may be some other cheaper options available.


If you manage to confirm a long period of day work which is a train ride away (such as Cannes or Monaco), firstly CONGRATULATIONS but secondly, find out about weekly train passes. These can work out considerably cheaper than paying day by day.

Remember the aim of the game is to get a job and not go home with a big dent in your savings!

How to save money whilst you’re in Antibes

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