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Keeping fit in Antibes

Searching for work can be draining and at times demoralizing. It is important to take a break from the laptop and job boards, stretch those legs and keep yourself both mind and body ‘fit’ whilst looking for work.

Having arrived in Antibes for the first time in my early twenties not knowing a single person, it took me a while to strike that balance between socializing and keeping fit and admittedly at times (most of) I certainly swung in favour of that glass of red and cheese platter… Antibes has a tempting number of drinking holes and restaurants and although being social and networking are very important when starting out in yachting, it’s really important to get the balance right.

Monthly gym memberships aren’t the answer for many yachties, with such a transient life, it’s not easy to know where you will be from day to day, let alone month by month and keeping flexible for job interviews, daywork and last minute job offers is very important. Whilst Fit Lane and other gyms offer reasonable monthly deals, those monthly outgoings soon stack up if you can’t use them.

I have come up with a few options from my own personal experience in Antibes. This list is purely from experience and by no means exhaustive, quite the opposite (I’m a creature of habit). What I hope is that this post will strike up a conversation and allow others to add their experiences and advice for those looking for ways to keep active in Antibes.

1. Crew Pilates, Antibes

This is by far my favourite option. I first attended a class with Bianca, Crew Pilates owner, back in 2015. I was lucky to attend one of her signature outdoor mat sessions in the port and it was beautiful and by half the session, I was absolutely addicted. Bianca is an excellent teacher and her classes are ALWAYS challenging and varied so you certainly can’t get bored.

Considering myself fairly fit when I started Pilates, I found her classes such a challenge and very quickly became aware of plenty of weaknesses to work on. Being a keen runner (at the time) the work in the studio really helped my strength and it wasn’t long before I began to feel the benefits. The best thing of all was the 55 minutes of ‘zoning out’. I have never been great at meditation or some types of yoga where the instruction is to ‘switch off’ but I find Pilates (or in particular Bianca’s classes) help you to without being told to.

With a really simple ‘mind-body’ app booking system, it couldn’t be an easier fitness option for crew either looking for work or based in Antibes, JLP or Golf Juan. With bundle options or pay as you go, it provides full flexibility (excuse the pun) so you won’t need to worry about it not fitting with your schedule.

The studio is striking distance from the port and train station and it’s fully equipped for both mat and equipment classes, private or groups so there is something for everyone. The outdoor sessions are starting again this April so now is a great time to give it a go!

I can honestly vouch for both the physical and mental positives of Pilates. The studio is always full of lovely clients, many yachties or those linked to the industry, so not only is it a fitness class it’s also a great way to meet new people!

The studio has also become host to Ballet Fit classes and soon to be Yoga too – it gets better and better!

Visit the website here and download the booking app.

2. Soccer Park Connect Football

A favourite for my Director is a good old game of football. With Facebook groups set up for almost anything these days, click here to check this one out if you enjoy a kick about.

I can’t genuinely say I have been along to any of the matches myself but Tim has and he tells me that the group has requests daily for extra players for matches at all times. Apparently, the pitches are small and it is an intense hour which gets you very fit quickly if you are playing regularly. This is an excellent way of meeting new people and keeping your foot in so to speak.

3. Run around the Cap

This may seem an obvious one but with such a breath-taking coastline, there is a reason why many of the richest choose to spend their summers bobbing just off the shores of Antibes. Grab your running shoes, solo or with some friends/ crew and set off East or West. My favourite place to run from the old town is the Cap d’Antibes. With a gradual incline and possibility of a loop, I love it! The views are beautiful, it’s quiet and with various routes, there are options to suit anyone’s timeframe or fitness level. East of Antibes you have the coastal road which is flat and runs parallel to the beach. Run as far as you can before turning around. A less picturesque option is to make your way to the fort where they have an athletic running track. Set yourself a challenge, perhaps increase the number of laps you do each day. This is another flat option and a good one in a group of varying abilities or if you haven’t run for a long time. This is definitely a great option if you’ve got a crazy schedule and best of all, it’s FREE!

4. Fight Club 06

Again this is somewhere my director goes to occasionally. This is a little martial arts gym just a few hundred yards from Biot station. They cover boxing, Thai boxing, MMA and Ju Jitsu with classes on Monday to Saturday. The clientele is pretty much all French but all are very friendly and it’s an excellent way of working off the stress of job hunting. There is no better way of blowing off steam than punching something! Head to to find out more.

As I said earlier this isn’t an exhaustive list and it misses out the Versace’s and Fit Lane gyms of this world. But it does give you 4 relatively easy options that are close to Antibes and won’t tie you to monthly contracts. Enjoy!

Keeping fit in Antibes

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