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Why can’t I hire good junior crew?
It’s that time of year again, the change in Summer/Winter seasons and here at Quay Crew we are extremely busy with jobs and candidates looking for their next role. The following is not an exclusive list but a few pointers on how to better yourselves as a candidate and help in finding yourself your dream role.

Some of these are obvious and some have definitely been covered in other blogs however, on a day to day basis, we find ourselves becoming incredibly frustrated with the lack of care and thought some candidates put in to finding a job…

Let’s start with the DO’s and the positives!

A hugely obvious one but please don’t start applying for jobs before you have even bothered to update your files and CV.


It’s all good and well starting the job hunt and then deciding you aren’t available for the next 3 months. Starting the job hunt in advance is one thing but it’s unlikely anyone is going to employ you that far in advance of your start date.


If we have had a relationship with you before and / or got you a job previously, make sure you prompt us with a call or an email so we know you are looking again! Occasionally candidates slip through our net (we aren’t perfect after all) and if we’ve helped you find a job before, chances are, we’d love to help you again!


This covers a multitude of topics but to mention a few: tattoos – if you say you haven’t got any, please don’t! If you have a partner you want to work with, please tell us. If you have a commitment mid season – please let us know so we can help you work round it.


If you have one seasons experience, chances are, applying for Chief Stew roles on 80m yachts won’t get you any interviews. (Literally see this and similar every day). You will get far more interviews and subsequently offers if you are applying for the right jobs! Aside from anything else, you aren’t wasting yours and our time!


If you want to cruise the world, that’s fine. (This obviously limits your options, but is understandable). If you want to be Med based, this is also fine but please don’t apply for yachts in the States!


More often than not the yacht will say where they got your CV from. Let us know if you have an interview lined up and then let us know how it went. We can manage the situation much better if we are in the loop!


And now the DON’Ts which was sort of the point in writing this blog as it is infuriating when the following happens! Some obviously can’t be avoided in circumstances but…… most of the time it can be:

This is a lengthy one and applies to all stages of the registration, interview, accepting a job process. If you have applied for jobs and we have been in touch and you then decide you don’t need a job, want a job etc PLEASE TELL US! We don’t bite and would 100% know than waste our time emailing, whatsapping and generally harassing you to see if you are keen on the dream job we have on our books!


If you have an interview lined up and you can’t attend because you have got last minute tickets to Glastonbury, please let us know! Don’t tell us fibs about having to go home for personal reasons, only for pics to appear on facebook… (that is a genuine case that happened to me… the candidate in question didn’t even bother to let the yacht know). Whilst it’s not ideal, we can manage the situation.


Nothing grates me more when I receive an email and it literally says nothing and there is just a CV attached. What does that tell me about you? You need to be selling yourself! I’m not suggesting you have to write essays however, a brief paragraph on who you are, your experience and what you are looking for gives me a great indication in to how I can help you.


Alongside the above…. Get a signature for your emails! Don’t just sign off ‘James’. We have 229 ‘James’ registered with us. Sign off with your full name, your phone number and your location. Help us to help you!


These are all very basic but common mistakes crew make. This is intended to help you find your dream job! Good luck for the upcoming season and we hope to hear from you soon!

Do’s & Don’ts of Finding a new Yachting Job

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Do’s & Don’ts of Finding a new Yachting Job