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“Leave the Rum for the Pirates… you’re a professional!”

Following on from Part 1, here’s a few more things that will drive your Chief Stew crazy – Don’t be THAT person to annoy your fellow crew in the last few weeks of the season!

Don’t get drunk / pull an all nighter the day before charter

It shouldn’t need to be said but as with everything on this list I have had it happen to me. Do yourself a favour and at least start the charter on your A game. If it is a hard charter you will be playing a game of catch up and never getting there!

Don’t screw the crew

Pretty obvious, and if you must do it – please get your feet under the table first, not in the first few months. On the same subject don’t flirt excessively with the boys and especially not the Captain. It’s another thing which will damage your credibility in many people’s eyes.

Don’t bitch about being trained or being ‘told off’

The vast, vast majority of the time it will be because you have screwed up and you need to be told. It’s for your own good and if you listen it will mean you get better at your job. Whinging to anyone who will listen about it ‘not being fair’ and the CS ‘picking’ on you won’t make the situation any better. Take it on the chin and improve.

Don’t bring personal problems into work

Yes, it is down to every HOD to deal with HR issues and address any needs an individual might have. But when we’re day 5 of a heavy charter and you still don’t ‘feel up’ to being guest facing because your lousy boyfriend cheated on you, my sympathy has long since run out. Unfortunately you need to put your game face on and just get on with it, hiding in housekeeping is no longer an option.

Don’t stomp

Whether it’s on the sundeck whilst your Chief Stew is doing cocktail hour in the Bridge salon, or above their cabin whilst they’re trying to sleep – Be prepared for a major bollocking, face to face or public service announcement over the radio.
Much like a protective mumma bear, our guests are our cubs and we will not have anyone disturbing them!

Stay off your phone

So, so obvious but your Chief Stew really won’t want to see you on your phone when there are things to be done. Being distracted due to a Whatsapp message isn’t a good look. Compound that by not listening properly and then failing to do something important and you are going to be on the shit list of your Chief Stew, the Captain and potentially the owner too. Leave it in your cabin (at all times, not just on charter), you will be far more productive and as a consequence better at your job.

Although this is a list of how to piss your chief stew off, One way to placate the rabid beast would be by greeting them first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a can-do attitude.


Click HERE for some real live footage of Kayleigh back in her Chief Stew days! 


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