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superyacht job update

Interest in superyacht jobs ramped up in the first quarter of the year, with a huge 92% increase in candidate registrations.

Although salaries remained fairly stagnant overall, there was a positive movement in leave trends, with a 10% increase in superyacht jobs offering some kind of rotation – 3:1 or better and a quarter of crew now receiving time for time rotation (T4T).

Across departments, there were 9% more interior jobs placed than in the last quarter of 2022 and a 6% increase in Captain roles.

Encouragingly, 9% of these placements were green crew, many of whom had valuable secondary skills like beauty and carpentry experience.

The average monthly salaries and most common leave package by department were as follows:

Despite a small decline in the percentage of superyacht jobs with 4:2 or 2:1 rotation, there was an 8% uplift in placements offering 3:1 and T4T rotation, which is great news. We also saw great rotation offered within private residence roles.

Superyachts in the 50m to 69m range still appear to be the most active in terms of recruitment, accounting for almost half of placements combined (20% and 28% respectively).

Over a quarter of yachts were over 80m too.

Just 6% of yachts recruiting in Q1 were charter only. Nearly half operate privately (47%) or both commercially and privately (46%).

As expected, the last few months have been very busy for the team. In fact, we had the busiest March ever in our 10 year history!

With hundreds of new candidates to connect with, we’re looking forward to another successful quarter ahead.

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Superyacht jobs market update – Q1 2023

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