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time for time rotation

As always, the best blog topics are the controversial ones and this one discusses the real challenges of time for time rotation, not just the huge amount of benefits that are usually focussed on.

I recently posted on LinkedIn and got a ton of interesting perspectives so I’ve tried to arrange these into some semblance of order.

This blog isn’t about a list of the pros and cons – e.g. you lack sea time compared to a full time role. Most of that is fairly obvious. This is about the more subtle challenges which people don’t necessarily expect. It ISN’T intended to suggest time for time rotation on a superyacht is bad. It is excellent for many crew. It’s purely to provide some insight for people who will have rotation in the future.

I speak to lots of crew and generally time for time rotation is spoken of in awed tones like it’s a magic bullet which will resolve all issues at home. It really isn’t and I suspect a significant chunk of senior superyacht crew have given precious little thought to the challenges they may face until it actually happens. Being prepared and discussing this in advance with your partner will make managing it easier.

We (the royal we haha, I did very little) recently had a baby who is now one. I also have an 11-year- old, but he was born pre-Quay Crew. For a long time I have thought of rotation as a very easy, cushy option – six months off, paid for 12 months. Sounds like the dream for many crew members and for lots it is. But the arrival of our new born baby and discussions with various Captains has opened my eyes to it a little.

Time for time rotation troubles even without children

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully it helps to open the eyes for some of you who will be on time for time rotation soon. Of course, rotation offers many benefits, none of which we have touched upon here, but it doesn’t automatically mean all problems and issues just disappear. Life and relationships still take a lot of work. Best of luck everyone.

Challenges of time for time rotation

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