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Unless you’re in a senior superyacht role, it’s highly likely that you’ll be required to bunk in with a cabin mate onboard, and this has got to be one of the major downsides of the job.

Not only are the cabins fairly small, but it’s one of the only places you can be alone, provided the person you share with isn’t on the same shift pattern as you.

In a recent Instagram poll, over 200 of you replied to our question about the worst things a cabin mate can do to annoy or irritate you and this is what you said.

  1. Toilet troubles – Up top is bad bathroom etiquette. Leaving the loo in a mess, skids in the toilet and toothpaste in the sink is both annoying and disgusting. Hogging the bathroom is also selfish, when most of the time, you and your cabin mate will be on a tight schedule. And regardless of how ‘friendly’ you are, it’s probably best to keep the toilet door closed when you do your business.
  2. Snoring – So many crew felt so strongly about this that they even suggested snoring should be included on CVs and in superyacht job applications! I’m not a snorer myself (or nobody has ever told me I am) and I can totally relate to this issue. However, some people just can’t help it! And when you’re forced to sleep on your back in a narrow bunk, the snoring can be even worse. But there are so many aids out there now, so if you’re a snorer, get on Amazon ASAP.
  3. Being noisy – Coming in a close third is not being courteous to your cabin mate, particularly if they are sleeping. Being loud and disruptive by either turning the main light on, slamming the door, making late night calls or listening to music/watching the iPad without headphones can interrupt the other person’s precious sleep.
  4. Making a mess – We all accept that some people are untidy and other people are full on OCD when it comes to keeping the cabin clean and free of mess. You both need to find a happy medium. In the poll, crew examples included people leaving dirty and smelly laundry on the floor, empty beer cans and even toenail clippings. Yuk!
  5. Bad hygiene – Working on a superyacht in 40-degree heat is hard graft and only superheroes wouldn’t break a sweat. Not showering or brushing your teeth after a shift is just bad hygiene and your cabin mate shouldn’t be forced to live in the equivalent of a stinky storage cupboard. Get your wash on!
  6. Odour overload – Some people are sensitive to certain smells and without a porthole to crack open, be mindful that your nail varnish, aerosol deodorant and perfume/aftershave can irritate the senses and linger for a while. The smoke from liquid vapes can also be overwhelming so go on deck if you want a pretend puff.
  7. Unintentional threesomes – If someone is at it in the other bunk, it’s not only uncomfortable and disrespectful, but rubbing in the face of the gooseberry a bit! Inter-crew relationships are not on the whole banned, provided they don’t result in drama and aren’t in the multiples! But make sure you save those special engagements for when you have the cabin to yourself – and stick to your own bunk.
  8. Miscellaneous – A few others we couldn’t leave out including changing the room temperature without asking, standing on the person in the bottom bunk when getting into the top bunk and not making the bed. It’s definitely not a good idea to stash anything illegal in your cabin either that will potentially tarnish your cabin mate with the same brush.

Any other no-nos or horror stories you want to share? Send us a message on Instagram!

Cabin chaos – 8 things that annoy your cabin mate

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