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Although some travelling essentials will never be far from your mind just like your usual holiday list, there’s always something we forget to take or replenish.

So here is a little reminder…



  • Passport
  • Visas
  • Discharge book
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Foreign currency
  • Credit card



  • Sack off the suitcase
    Remember that a classic hard cabin case is just not suitable for onboard storage. Anything soft, waterproof and collapsible is best. A smaller rucksack and an optional handbag for the ladies – plain and useful for any nights off/out.
  • Packing cubes
    Eespecially useful in a soft case to keep everything organised and easily transferable to your cabin.
  • Storage
    Hanging toiletry/make-up bags, closet organiser and coat hangers (because you can never have enough). If you’re expecting to be away for a while or in colder climates, a vacuum storage bags are also great for minimising the space your big coats and jumpers take up.
  • Travel toiletries
    Unless you’re particularly attached to a specific cream, oil based shampoo or serum, essential toiletries will likely be provided on the boat, but make sure you check. When it comes to make-up and skincare, double up on your favourites as you might not get the opportunity to replenish your stock for months!
  • Hair accessories
    No matter how often you feel the wind in your hair, a tidy barnet is needed at the start of any day. Ditch your set of five roller brushes though and three styling irons and take only what you need. Maybe liaise with other crew too so you can share.




  • Footwear
    Extreme destinations like the arctic exclusive, flip flops and deck shoes are an absolute must; trainers for fitness and one pair of heels/going out shoes for the ladies.
  • Outerwear
    Windproof lightweight rain jacket, light fleece or jumper and casual jacket for off-boat.
  • Sunglasses
    At least two pairs, because you will probably lose or break one pair.
  • Swim attire
    At least two pairs of shorts or bikini and one-piece, a cover up and beach towel.
  • Loungewear
    For those evenings off relaxing in the cabin or the crew mess.
  • Pyjamas
    Because only the lucky few will have a cabin to themselves!
  • Casual outfits
    A couple of pairs of shorts and t-shirts, with one or two trouser options if it’s a bit chilly.
  • Smarter outfits
    Chinos and a linen shirt or two for the guys and a few lightweight and easily packed dresses for the girls.
  • Underwear
    The less lacy and colourful the better. Think neutral and comfortable.
  • Hat/cap
    not just for bad hair days, but to protect you from the sun of course!
  • Travel home clothes
    Depending on where ‘home’ is and at what time of year you might be travelling to and from the yacht, make sure you have a suitable outfit that is both comfy for the plane and warm if you’re stepping out of a it into the bitter cold!




  • Watch/smart watch
    to count down to the end of your shift as well as track your steps.
  • Camera
    to capture every amazing memory that you’re going to make.
  • iPad or small laptop
    to help you stay connected and binge the latest series.
  • Kindle
    for your favourite page-turners.
  • Earphones
    to zone out everything around you, accompany you at the gym or get you through a wash down!
  • Speaker
    for when you want to share it with your crewmembers.
  • Global adaptor plug
    to charge all these gadgets and gizmos.



  • Home comforts
    anything that makes you feel more at home like a framed picture, your favourite essential oil and diffuser or go-to snack stash!


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