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10 habits that will ensure your fellow yacht crew will hate you

Positive, supportive relationships with co-workers were cited by a recent Australian survey as the main reason (67%) people stayed in their job, ahead of even “job satisfaction” and in fact higher than “salary” consideration (46%).

We all know, however, that the 9 to 5 office world is a very different one from living and working in the confined space of a superyacht. Jealousy, hot tempers, ego and sheer exhaustion coupled with a lack of personal space can create a challenging environment on board at times. We talked to a crew member currently crossing the Pacific to find out what habits will make your fellow yacht crew love you a little less!

1. The early riser

Early productivity is great for those awake. However, sleeping crew members do not appreciate the loud tapping of keyboards, the beeping of a microwave, the encouraging voice of a fitness video, or those conversations with a cousin living in a more sociable time zone.

2. The messy one

If you don’t have some form of OCD you probably shouldn’t be working in yachting. So, if you’re always the one that leaves things lying around, forgets to put things back where they came from, or if your cabin cupboards are on the brink of explosion or your coffee mug is always on the side, then you are making everyone else’s jobs harder! Stop and think about how annoying you are to everyone in your messy wake. Basically, stop being selfish.

3. The antisocial drunk

If the line between enjoying a night out and having fun and being sociable is crossed with compromising everyone else’s night out, then you will begin to get a name for yourself. In yachting, where the social circles are small but talk is large then this can start to compromise not only your relationships with fellow crew but also your job. We’ve all been there on the odd occasion but make sure it isn’t a regular occurrence and learn to pace yourself.

4. The hoarder

Having to dodge a kiteboard in one bilge, skis blocking another, a guitar behind the cabin door or a tripod sticking out of the crew mess is far from ideal. Whilst it’s great having so many interests it’s not so great that you are taking up all of the limited space!

5. The dramatic one

Being dramatic, especially within a confined space, is an annoying habit for others to have to either deal with or try and ignore. Being overly loud about small nuisances on board can bring everyone down, especially as the season progresses and the tiredness factor creeps in for everyone. You only need one negative person on board to cast a shadow over everyone else. Don’t let it be you. If you do find yourself constantly moaning, maybe it is a good time to take a step back and appreciate what you have and gain some perspective on the situation.

6. The secret snacker

Some bad habits can annoy one particular department more than others. Provisioning for the crew is a time consuming process for either the Chef or the Chief Stew! After a hard days work, neither are likely to be impressed to find the snack cupboard empty with only the Bounty (or whichever chocolate bar isn’t liked by anyone) left! Having crew bitching and moaning because the yacht has run out of Dr Pepper or Walkers Salt & Vinegar is also particularly draining. Get over it!

7. The anti-social one

Working in close quarters can mean that sometimes you need to switch off and get away from everyone else for some alone time. Although when alone time turns into always alone time and isolation this can cause uncertainty within a crew. If you are someone who suffers when in the close proximity of others for extended periods, have a plan of action to get some me time when you next set foot onshore. Go and have a massage and lie on a sun lounger on your own for a few hours. Even better go for a run for a natural high. Don’t just hit a bar.

8. The noisy one

Whistling incessantly around the boat, learning to play a new musical instrument, singing in the shower (or anywhere), playing loud music or general loudness can push all the wrong buttons of other crew members especially when tensions are already high! Try and be considerate of others. Especially if you are musically inept…

9. The chamois dodger

Dull or unappealing jobs that need to be done are part of yachting life. Whether you care for them or not, from the deck to the crew shower, dodging these duties can mean extra work for everyone else. Don’t be that person who is always occupied elsewhere when there is a less than glamorous job that needs doing.

10. The rude one

In these confined spaces, everything is magnified hideously. Like Big Brother but with hard work and less sleep. There is no room for being rude. This can range from the minuscule like being greedy at lunch and stealing the last baguette or eating with your mouth open to the more serious like belittling others and being a bit of a bully. Being that positive person on board who is always happy is priceless and captains remember this when they are giving us your reference.

10 habits that will ensure your fellow yacht crew will hate you

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10 habits that will ensure your fellow yacht crew will hate you