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Exercise machines on the deck of a yacht

The last few weeks has been a unique situation for many of us, depending on where we are based, with governments imposing varying degrees of lockdown upon its citizens. Here at Quay Crew we are business as usual, albeit this is working from home and self-isolating which we have been doing since Monday 16th March.

As crew, a lot of you won’t be leaving the yacht for the next few weeks, or even months. So, we’ve put our heads together and come up with some ideas about how to boost crew morale and improve your working environment. Some of the ideas below have been suggestions from our clients , so thanks to those who have contributed. If you have any additional ideas please feel free to email them over to me at . I will pass them over to other yachts in another blog.

Educational & Career Development

Keeping Fit and Healthy

Regular access to fresh air and some sort of fitness related activity is vital so we would definitely embrace one or more of those options if feasible.

Fun Stuff

Food related

In times of trouble food can be hugely beneficial on morale so we have quite a few suggestions on this front.

A few final thoughts. There is a lot of suggestions in here so maybe have a vote on board about what people want to do and choose a few of the things above.

Limit the drinking of the crew on board. It is very tempting to let the crew get well boozed up a few times a week as it seems to improve people’s mood. We think that it will rapidly turn sour though if you do. People are far more likely to fall out when drunk or hungover. Alcohol is a depressant too and will increase people’s anxiety levels on board, so bad news for people maintaining good mental health.

I think the key thing with all these suggestions is that it is very easy to talk about it and nothing gets done. The Captain or HODs have to implement some of these things into the daily routine. I would also pass on the responsibility for organising these things to individual crew members and then a weekly schedule goes up on the crew mess wall.

Good luck with everything guys and speak soon!

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