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Superyacht Toys – The Lowdown

Alongside superyachts come their accessories and there is a whole world of bells and whistles you can buy for your entertainment out on the seas. If you’re taking your friends and family on holiday and need to keep them busy, chartering your yacht and wanting to make it the best it can be or simply want to enjoy all the trappings available to you then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a huge spectrum of opportunities awaiting on the superyacht toy market…

Whilst the usual water sports associated with yachting are still hugely popular, the likes of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving, there’s always room for plenty of other impressive high-tech toys that will give thrills as will as chills. Ranging from hoverboards and jetpacks to submarines and submersibles, even electric surfboards are gaining popularity with those looking for more of an adrenaline rush – whatever next?!

Let’s splash forward with a quick rundown on the toys raising in popularity.


Hovering above the water

Buckle up in a water-powered jetpack and experience big thrills of speeds up to 50mph, whilst soaring up to 10 metres above the water!

Jetpacks are the latest in thrilling water sport technology and can be seen wowing across the oceans worldwide. They act as a way to propel you skyward on massively fun adventure. You get there thanks to a 10 metre hose attached to the base of the special pack, that is worn on the pilots back. The water thrust is used to propel and elevate the rider into the air, the rider can then use hand controls to redirect the water thrust in order to manoeuvre in all directions.

Once you get the hang of it there are some seriously insane tricks to master, you’ll be a hop, backflip and summersault away from being a Youtube sensation.

Alternatively, you could go for a Flyboard. This is a water jet powered board that also connects to jet skis, and allows underwater propulsion and flights up to 12 metres in height (depending on the power of the jet ski).

Either or… 10/10 for the rush!

Just call me Bond, James Bond.

The Seabreacher looks like something straight out of a 007 movie and you’ll feel like you need Pussy Galore sat behind you to fully embrace the lifestyle!

The sky is the limit when it coms to it’s design, fancy hitting the waves in what looks like a killer whale? No problem. Want to dive through the surf in a craft that looks like Jaws who’s being attacked by a giant octopus? Done!

The Seabreacher is described as “the twisted union of a marine mammal and a high performance fighter jet.” The pilot and passenger have a near 360-degree view as they fly through the water at speeds of up to 55mph. Acting as an aircraft would with three full axis of control – pitch, roll, and yar, these allow the vessel to carve left and right, jump over, dive under, cut through the waves and perform 360-degree barrel rolls on the water.

Basically, these were made for superyachts.


Exploring the underwater world

Diving and snorkelling have long been popular activities for yacht crew and guests, you’d be mad not to take advantage of what’s literally on your doorstep. There’s something uniquely special about the feeling of freedom when you’re quietly observing the peaceful underwater world. Coming face-to-face with an array of fish and marine mammals, whilst experiencing first-hand the biodiversity present in our oceans. Thanks to advancements in ocean exploration technology, mega yacht owners can now splash out on the ultimate accessory – submarines and submersibles. You don’t even need to get wet to enjoy the underwater worlds!

Film Director James Cameron can take some credit for the increased popularity of subs in recent years. His adventures to the dark depths of the Mariana Trench in the DeepSea Challenger vehicle has raised the interest in private submarines.. Piloting his one seat sub, Cameron dived 10,908m down to the deepest point of earth’s oceans, making him one in only three people in the world to have ever done so. Would you be brave enough?!

A few decades ago, yachts weren’t big enough to hold submarines and submarines were in no way small enough to go on even the biggest! However, in 2016 yachts have stretched to sizes never seen before and technology have shrunk to unfathomable sizes… If you’ve always had a dream to explore the water below your yacht, now is the perfect time.


What will be next?

With more and more large yachts being commissioned each year, the super yacht toy market is set to grow enormously, as private owners continue to push the boundaries of what they can offer on board. Technology has moved on tremendously in the last decade, just think what the next decade will have to offer!

Superyacht Toys – The Lowdown

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