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smaller superyachts

As the superyacht build market explodes, perhaps in part due to high-net-worth individuals reassessing lifestyle priorities and the emergence of new owners, there’s been a significant increase in the global order book, particularly for smaller superyachts.

According to Boat International, there’s been a rise in demand for yachts under 45-metres, with a 30.5% uplift in the sub 30-metre range. Although those of us in the sector would probably use the term superyacht to describe vessels larger than this, the actual classification is anything above 24-metres in length is officially a superyacht.

The result has been a huge need for crew for smaller yachts and our sub 40-metre desk is crazy at the moment.

But one of the most common questions we get asked by crew with all types of experience on all sizes of yacht is what are the pros and cons of working on smaller superyachts?

The answer can be complicated, depending on the onboard role you are going for, however one thing I can say is that the smaller the yacht doesn’t always mean the smaller the wage packet and the salaries on offer across all roles can be incredibly generous. For example, a sole Stewardess onboard a 27-metre can easily be on the same salary as a 2nd Stewardess onboard a 60-metre.

Smaller superyacht jobs aren’t necessarily for green and inexperienced crew either.

So, what are the major pros and cons? Let’s start with the positives…

Reasons FOR working on smaller superyachts

Reasons AGAINST working on smaller superyachts

The other question I get asked a lot is can you easily transition from a smaller to larger superyacht and that answer is much simpler – yes.

Having experience across several departments and being used to working under intense pressure could be a real bonus on your CV and potentially make you more employable than someone who has only worked on a 70-metre polishing all day.

There are many different benefits associated with both smaller and larger yachts. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you are looking to get out of the job and also what overall programme would suit you best!

For any crew/role requirements onboard smaller superyachts, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Pros and cons of working on smaller superyachts

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