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Anyone who’s ever been involved in the build of a superyacht will know there’s a lot to cover, particularly in the final stages. Never-ending snagging lists, continuous inspections to carry out, ongoing delays to supply of materials and nonstop meetings to discuss problems followed by more meetings to make decisions.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks to carry out and items to record for warranties, old school spreadsheets, cloud storage and project management apps are, frankly, too time-consuming to be efficient. Add to that the potential for lost documentation, several communication channels with many different parties, and quite soon, the information you do collect and record is quickly out of date.

Crewing your superyacht early can go some way towards streamlining the process with longer-term benefits thrown in too, like the crews’ intimate knowledge of the vessel once in operation and their loyalties, which always lie with the owners (if you pick the right candidates).

But using software like Pinpoint Works can really accelerate the completion of a superyacht build, improve efficiency and ensure contractual obligations are met, if not exceeded. In the long-run, the live and interactive site plan can be used to manage ongoing maintenance and repairs – which is another reason why crew should be brough onboard early.

What is Pinpoint Works?

Pinpoint Works is being used on some of the largest superyacht build projects in the world right now. Why? Because it is an easy-to-use software that allows you to clearly document and manage work, snag lists while keeping everyone involved in the loop, from designers and naval architects to shipyards, contractors and technicians.

You can ditch your multiple spreadsheets, cloud storage and project management apps, because these features are all rolled into one platform, and a mobile app allows for on-the-go note-taking.

With an interactive General Arrangement, you can determine the exact location of all items and real-time updates mean all stakeholders can view and respond immediately, closing points, raising new ones, uploading photo and video evidence.

Use it to track defects, mark locations of installations as the project progresses, create sign off records, generate modification requests and so on.

It also cuts down on emails, phone calls and duplication of reporting while being pre-loaded yet customisable for each new build superyacht project.

It’s easy to use too, with most people being able to get up to speed within an hour.  

Protecting the past, present and future of the yacht, Pinpoint Works also creates a historical passport of the build process which is an important measure for asset protection for the owner on an on-going basis.

Stuart Boyd, Pinpoint Works

We’ve seen it at work first-hand and really believe that the software can make a huge difference to the efficiency of a new build – along with an early placed and experienced crew.

For this reason, Quay Crew have partnered with Pinpoint Works, meaning all new build superyachts that we recruit for exclusively will be able to utilise the project management software for their recruitment.

Pinpoint Works acts a client portal so all stakeholders have full oversight instantly of candidates, and all CVs, documents are in one place and easily accessed. This dramatically streamlines the recruitment process, reduces email chains and prevents duplication of work – the end result being a significant amount of valuable time is created for Captains & HODs to spend on other priorities.

Quay Crew are the only recruitment agency who have partnered with Pinpoint Works and we believe this demonstrates our commitment to evolving and improving as a company and being at the forefront of crew recruitment.  

If you want to know more or want a quick demonstration of how this can benefit you, please email me at or call on +44 (0)7760 202610.

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