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How to make the most of a position you are not 100% happy with

In the grand scheme of things not that many jobs have been lost, boats have continued to charter through a tough season and crew still have a roof over their head, full bellies and a healthy bank account. I think it’s a good time to reflect on how others may be affected by the Pandemic and how lucky we are to have good jobs and some security in our daily lives.

Speaking with some clients this week it appears there have been some spikes of cases onboard resulting in lock downs for crew and this is tough especially when we are so used to exploring parts of the world that we visit on yachts.

Here are some things to consider and how to make the most of a position you aren’t 100% happy with…

Consider the longevity of your current position –

Have you just joined a yacht? How is your longevity looking on your CV? These are things you need to consider. If you are moving on from a boat after a couple of months do you have a valid reason? You don’t want to damage your CV or make it more challenging to find your next position just because things aren’t what you expected onboard. Give it time to adjust to a new yacht, create good relationships with your new crew and keep yourself busy to remain focused in your new position. 

Make some short term goals –  

Set yourself some short term goals to keep yourself focused. Do you want to complete your training record book? Is there a course you can take online to upskill during your down time? Are you trying to save money for a project or an investment? Setting short term goals will help you to see light at the end of a tunnel and focus on achieving something rather than looking at the negatives.

Positivity outside of the working day –

Find something outside of work to create positivity. Do you want to take up a new hobby? Is there a new skill you can teach yourself or learn online? Stay in contact with home and your loved ones.. Have a good chat or facetime to keep connected to your family. Go to the gym or stay active. Working out is fantastic for releasing stress.

Crew Morale –

Are you the person bringing the morale down? Consider how your mood or attitude may affect others around you. Be that person who picks people up! Don’t rely on the same person to always be the morale officer. Use banter and humour to bring the morale of your crew members up.

Don’t focus on the negatives –

Ultimately there is a lot of positives to consider working in the industry and you shouldn’t always focus on the negatives. Draw a list of pro’s and con’s about your job and the yacht you work on and see how many of each there are. I guarantee there are a lot more positives to consider than you realise. Be realistic that we are dealing with a pandemic and the UK has definitely suffered over the last few months.

I’d love to hear any ideas/thoughts from crew members who have been staying positive during the pandemic and challenging times. What have you done to remain positive and make the most of a bad situation? Email me

Keep your chin up!

How to make the most of a position you are not 100% happy with

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