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The relationship and rapport between you and your crew agent cannot be underestimated in the recruitment process, but far too often we are seeing candidates ghosting us, or worse!

You know the type – either the opportunist who will register with every crew agent and apply for every job until one sticks, hedging their bets and letting people down last minute to take the better offer; or the more experienced crew who has something very specific in mind, but compromises too much on their needs and then decides it’s not right for them after all.

In both circumstances, it’s absolutely fine to change your mind, but under neither circumstance is it OK to ghost your crew agent, which could have consequences that will far from benefit your long-term career and reputation.

Help your crew agent to help you

It’s true, of course, that the candidate is not necessarily the client – you’re not the ones paying us after all – but it is our strong relationships with candidates, built on trust and honesty, that sets us apart with clients.

We spend a lot of time getting to know our candidates, making sure we understand their strengths, weaknesses, goals etc. We are lucky enough to work with some great candidates, many of whom we’ve coached throughout their career, and some great yachts so it’s in every party’s best interest to be honest.

If, however, you are a candidate who has ghosted us or pulled out of a position without giving a clear reason or picking up the phone, it will be the last time we consider you for a job.

So to avoid the ghosting boomerang which will only come back and hit you in the face…

Don’t lie

When working with a crew agent, it is really important that you are honest and upfront with yourself and us. Before you even get in touch, have a real think about what you want from your next role, aspects that you can be flexible on and those that are an absolute deal breaker.

Be transparent about your career to date, the good, the bad and the ugly. In the latter, we might even be able to advise how to position this correctly!

If you’re not open with us, it could result in us putting you forward for the wrong role, or not putting you forward for the right role at all. Or worse, you could get far into a process only to damage your reputation and ours when pulling out last minute or leaving shortly after starting.

Don’t fake references

Unfortunately, we don’t just take your word for it that your last HOD, Captain and fellow crewmates loved you. And a pre-written reference will not be accepted. Unfortunately, we get far too many verbal references which don’t match the written one.

In all instances we will require a verbal reference and if you’ve arranged for a ‘mate’ to act as this reference, trust us, the truth will come out.

The superyacht sector, although global, is extremely niche and everybody knows everybody, or at least knows someone who knows someone who knows someone.

This is again why honesty is the best policy. If there are any skeletons in your closet and we’ve learnt about them from you, then we are far more likely to fight your corner.

Don’t over-compromise

There comes a time in many crews’ yachting career that they understand their value and worth and are 100% clear about what they want a need from their next yacht – until they get short of cash or desperate.  

If the absolute deal breaker for you is to have rotation or minimum salary, then try not to take a lesser role unless you absolutely have to because you’ll only be unhappy and start looking for the next yacht job sooner rather than later. You might even end up pulling out before you start and that makes you and the crew agent look bad, which is why we aim to get it right from the start.

Of course, we’ll help you weigh up the pros and cons, but at the end of the day, listen to your gut, it often knows best 😊. If you have more than one offer or open application on the table, tell us. You never know, it could be a good negotiation tool.

Don’t ignore our advice

You may have worked in the industry a long time, but your crew agent has dealt with hundreds of superyachts and thousands of crew on a regular basis, and we know the industry inside out.

Listen to us because we know the yacht, the hiring crew and the market. We’ll be honest about the position and the offer on the table. We’ll provide guidance on whether this role suits your short- or long-term career prospects – whatever your priority is at the time.

We won’t try and pressure you into taking a role which isn’t in your best interests. Because it isn’t in our best interests either.

Don’t suffer in silence

Life isn’t perfect and neither is superyacht recruitment. Just like candidates twist the truth, yachts can do this too. So, if you end up in a role and you’re not happy, pick up the phone and talk to us. We may be able to support you and iron out any concerns or issues.

Ready for a solid superyacht recruitment service? Get in touch with your onboard department specialist today.

Ghosting your crew agent might get you ghosted

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