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Quay Crew Policy

We are fully MLC certified

1. Quay Crew Discrimination Policy 

  • Quay Crew is a Crew Agency which operates in a non discriminatory manner across gender, sexuality, race, religious beliefs, age and disability
  • We welcome all applications from people of all backgrounds

2. Quay Crew Declaration Regarding Payments

  • No crew member / candidate will be charged for registering or being represented by Quay Crew. The fee incurred during the recruitment process is solely paid by the client
  • The crew member is not required to assist the yacht with any payments to ensure employment

2. Quay Crew doesn’t operate any sort of blacklist of crew / candidates

  • This list isn’t exhaustive but covers the main points. Should you register as crew you will gain access to our full Candidate Terms & Conditions, which can also be viewed via the below link:
Quay Crew Candidate Terms & Conditions