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Example CVs

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ENG1 Information

Looking for ENG1 doctors in the UK?

ENG1 Doctors UK (PDF)

Or are you looking for ENG1 doctors outside of the UK?

ENG1 Doctors Non-UK (PDF)


Am I suited to the yachting industry?

The yachting industry is unique and requires a certain personality to thrive in it. As someone new to the industry there are certain personality traits which are essential. You must be positive, enthusiastic, flexible, laid back, patient, have high working standards, be service orientated and get on well with others whilst living in confined quarters. This industry isn’t for everyone as it does involve working very long hours, sometimes with little time off for what can be months on end. Having the right attitude towards this is just as important as your skills and experience when you are joining the industry as crew.

What are the minimum qualifications I need to get into the yachting industry?

You need as a minimum your STCW 95/10 and your ENG 1. If you are looking for a deckhand position it is strongly advisable to have your Powerboat Level 2 as well.

Is it worth taking other courses too?

That depends very much on your current financial situation. If you can afford to take your Yachtmaster for example, then do, as it does make you more appealing to a yacht, but please be aware taking these extra courses will not guarantee work unfortunately.

How long will it take to find a job?

That varies hugely. Some people find employment on their first day of dock walking and for some it can take several months, a positive attitude, dealing with rejection on a daily basis and a lot of hard work. So be careful with your money!

Does everyone eventually get a job?

No, lots of people don’t get a job. This is an incredibly popular industry to get into so the competition is fierce. There will be a lot of great candidates out there trying to get the same jobs as you so make sure you do everything in your power to make yourself as desirable an employee as possible.

Should I register with agencies?

Absolutely. Registering with agencies will help you find a job. A good agency can give you advice on your CV, interview techniques and anything else you can do to maximise your chances of getting a job. They will also have a number of jobs, some of which are hopefully suitable for you.

Where should I base myself?

We would recommend you base yourself in the south of France or Palma, Majorca as you have easy access to scores of yachts on your doorstep.

When should I arrive?

The busiest time for yachts recruiting is generally March and April so aim to be here towards the end of March / early April and budget to be out here for at least a month

What else should I do?

  • Get a local number
  • Network! Get out and about and talk to as many people as possible. Always be aware the person next to you in the bar could be a captain or a crew agent and your behaviour will be noted
  • Ensure your privacy settings are on, on Facebook, Twitter etc, or make sure they represent you in the best possible way
  • Always be smartly presented as you never know when opportunity is going to come knocking
  • Dockwalk on your own and have a plan of action for the week so you hit as many ports as you can
  • Research the industry. Read yachting publications and websites.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get to an interview. Arrive with your CV, references and qualifications. Research the boat too if possible.
  • Be prepared for a lot of rejection. If you expect this it is a lot easier to remain positive and in the right frame of mind. If you get dejected easily then maybe the yachting industry isn’t for you. Finding your first job is often the personality test which ensures you are right for the industry.
  • Don’t bring too much stuff over. Bringing a laptop can save you a lot of time and hassle so bring that if you can.
  • Buy a block of time from the Cyber cafes as it will work out a lot cheaper in the long run.