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#QuayCrewQuality: 6 Things that Make us Stand Out

Here at Quay Crew, we love what we do. Nothing brings us more pleasure than placing that perfect candidate on board and creating meaningful long-standing relationships with owners, […]

Why specialist yacht crew can bring the ‘wow’ factor to your charters

Speciality yacht crew positions are often some of the hardest roles to fill on a superyacht, yet are of vital importance to the happiness of the boss and […]

French Social Security Laws: what you need to know.

Regardless of whether you are a yacht owner, a new crew member or a seasoned professional, the latest piece of French Social Security legislation for Mariners is something […]

Superyacht Toys – The Lowdown

Alongside superyachts come their accessories and there is a whole world of bells and whistles you can buy for your entertainment out on the seas. If you’re taking […]

An interview with our Directors – Tim and Caroline.

The last 12 months have been insanely busy in the Quay Crew dock, we thought we’d grab the Directors Tim and Caroline to get a little round up […]

An Interview with Zhara Bathe – one of the Superyacht Scholarship winners.

On Wednesday 2nd March The Crew Coach announced the winners of their Superyacht Scholarship, a brand new global competition that gives four lucky hopefuls the opportunity of a […]

Where to land a yachting job

his is an age old question. So, you are making your first foray into the yachting world and you are trying to work out where to base yourself. […]

Singapore Yacht Show 2016

From Thursday 7th April, the award-winning ONE°15 Marina club will host the Singapore Yacht Show, a celebration of the world’s finest yachts. The epitome of the luxurious yachting […]

What’s it like to be a chef on a superyacht?

We’re lucky enough to spend a few minutes chatting to a Solo Chef aboard a 60m MY. Not only does he explore the life of a chef aboard […]

The Superyacht Scholarship

Here at Quay Crew, we’re prepared to go that extra mile to get our clients their dream career aboard a yacht. Our latest development sees us partnering up […]

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