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5 things to do if you have a guest trip on Valentine’s Day

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Looking for some inspiration this Valentines Day? Here are 5 romantic things to do if you have a guest trip this Valentines Day….


I’m not sure there is a Stew in the world who doesn’t love them, whether it’s the gaudy Carrefour pink plastic diamonds, or they’re hand picked from St Tropez, they’re great fun. You could use bunting, fresh flower arrangements or fairy lights! Basically anything red, pink or glitzy! Pinterest always has some great ideas on table arrangements.


Heart napkin fold…

Envelope napkin fold…

Rose napkin fold…


Hersheys kisses, ferrero rocher, loveheart sweets, lindt or just beautiful handmade chocolates for turn down. In addition, you can write love poems for turn down too. Another great idea is to purchase ladybird books on love or valentines day. It’s the small details that make the difference!

  • COCKTAILS (dry ice if you have it would be a great addition!)

-Sex on the beach…

-Pomegranate mimosas

-Chocolate martini

-Kir royale

-Floating on Cloud 9

-Strawberry daiquiri

  • FOOD

-Heart shaped fried eggs by the chef and heart shaped toast.

-‘Love potion’ smoothies for breakfast

-Biscuit cutters in the shape of hearts on brownies, cookies etc.

-Handmade chocolate truffles or bliss balls for the health conscious owners!

-Oysters for starters!


Yours truly, Cupid. X





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