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“When was the last time you fell out with a work colleague, and what happened?”

This is a fairly unique interview question. Not many people ask it and it catches crew unawares. It needs to be an assumptive question as if you ask crew ‘have you ever fallen out…’ or a variant of this you will get a ‘No, I’m fairly laid back, chilled out character’ answer.

The assumption avoids all of this generally and people will come out with an actual example of the last disagreement they had on board. If they have worked on a yacht for any period of time, then they will have had a disagreement with someone at some point. That is just inevitable, so say that if they claim to be squeaky clean. If they still say they didn’t fall out with anyone they may be that rare breed of crew who gets on with everyone all the time.

The benefit of this question is it gives you some insight into how they work with others, potential personality flaws and most importantly how they dealt with an issue previously. A good additional question is ‘And then what happened?’ and repeat variations of this multiple times until you feel you have been the whole picture. Again a good answer is an honest one which has a happy ending with the issue being resolved amicably through an open conversation.

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