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What have you been in criticised for at work in the past? Do you agree with that criticism? What would you change about how you behaved if you could go back in time?

This is a multi part question, although it isn’t essential to ask all of it. Pick and choose as you see fit! Ask the first part before moving onto the second part. I would always try and avoid asking multiple questions in the same sentence. Inevitably you won’t get such a detailed answer and some candidates will just skip answering the most challenging question.

I like this question as it neatly bypasses any rehearsed answer and cuts straight to the jugular by asking for real life situations. If you have read any of my previous interview questions you will know that I love asking about historic situations. Anytime you don’t ask for specifics, then it makes it much easier for a crew member to conjure up an imaginary scenario. Additionally, the chances of a crew member being asked something so specific previously is slim. So there is less chance you will get a rehearsed answer. I think so you invariably get a truthful answer about something which didn’t go well. This sort of information is very hard to get in an interview situation generally so pay close attention to the answer.

The second question is designed to expose the candidates character a little further. How they reacted to the criticism and how they view it now. I would also suggest a soft friendly approach which builds empathy because the candidate will be more likely to open up.


Hopefully that helps with your interviews going forward.


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