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Superyachts and the strange requests from passengers


Most Superyachts are owned and funded by eccentric billionaires. They spare no expense when hosting extravagant parties on the waves, showing off their flamboyant power and wealth. The yachting world can be an excessive one, and we want to take a look into the luxurious lifestyle. Here are some of the strangest and most outrageous requests from passengers aboard superyachts…



Superyachts often host a full catering team of stews and chief stews. They’re normally working in some of world’s finest marine kitchens, whilst serving fresh food from around the world. Sometimes this isn’t quite enough for some of the guests.

  • One guest once ordered a rattlesnake, luckily it arrived dead and on ice.
  • Another wanted the chef to prepare a poisonous puffer fish.
  • Organic takes a whole new meaning here: a guest aboard one superyacht requested to drink milk straight from a cow’s teat.
  • Sometimes it isn’t necessarily the food, one person requested to eat their food in the water. They wanted some kind of floating device.


An owner from Europe threw a party with two live Siberian tigers on board. They were obtained in glass cases so party-goers could get selfies with the big cats. You can only imagine the insurance and paperwork needed to get tigers on the yacht. Let alone figuring out how to get them on board…


Here’s a little list of weird and wonderful requests….

  • Bagels – a guest was craving a classic New York bagel, bearing in mind they’re in the middle of the ocean. Not a problem, a quick trip on the private jet to the mainland will sort it out!
  • Squash at Sea – Cecil Wright was responsible for installing a full size squash court aboard a yacht. It was set up on a heli-pad that can be lowered with the touch of a button if it needs to be used.
  • Carrying luggage could seem exhausting to some, therefore a brand new wardrobe of clothes is ordered and put on board the yacht prior to sailing.


Superyachts are clearly a massive statement for the ultra-rich, but there’s no denying, we’d all like to experience this for ourselves!

From 2006 to 2007 Tim was lucky enough to spend two years as a deckhand on MY Sai Ram and MY Leander, two excellent charter yachts. Quay Crew was formed in 2013 and is proving to be a great success: Tim covers the deck department predominantly working on Captain and Officer roles.

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