How to Nail Your Interview!

First impressions count, but it’s your winning interview technique that’ll get you the job.  Here’s our one-stop guide to getting it right.

Very few people are naturally good at interviews. If you’re confident and likeable, then you’re usually off to a good start. Whilst this is important in any industry, it is especially so in yachting. In yachting you can have a good CV but if your personality isn’t up to scratch you won’t get the job.



Do your research!  If you know the yacht name, look it up – there are many directory sites and demonstrating you have done your research will make you stand out of the crowd.

Plan!  Find out where the yacht is and plan your journey well ahead of time. Take a slightly earlier train or bus than you think you need so you arrive calm and composed, and have the contact details of your interviewer with you so you can call in case you’re going to be late.

Print!  Have an up-to-date copy of your CV in a folder along with your original certificates and copies of your references.



Practicing for an interview is a valuable use of your time.  Those who work on their technique and responses will be better prepared and perform best.

Many interview questions come up time and time again; What are your strengths? What is your greatest achievement? Why are you different from other crew? What are your weaknesses?

Think about the questions, think about your answers, and think about the answer the interviewer wants to hear.

Beyond the qualifications, your interviewer will be looking for someone who is likeable and someone who will fit in well to life on board.

Your CV will get you an interview but your personality gets you the job. The more prepared for the interview you are the more your personality will come out.



Think about the questions YOU can ask in an interview. Show your enthusiasm for the position by asking about the yacht, the culture on board, possible training and development. And although you may want to ask, avoid too many questions about salary, holiday, and how many flights home you get each season – get the job first!


From 2006 to 2007 Tim was lucky enough to spend two years as a deckhand on MY Sai Ram and MY Leander, two excellent charter yachts. Quay Crew was formed in 2013 and is proving to be a great success: Tim covers the deck department predominantly working on Captain and Officer roles.

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