Enclosed space

Working and Entry into an Enclosed Space

When working onboard a yacht there will be times where you will be required to enter into an enclosed space to access or maintain equipment or to complete some maintenance work. These spaces can be dangerous and without the correct procedures, injury and or death is likely. So what is an enclosed space? Enclosed spaces […]

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How to really dockwalk

Dockwalking is something that is essential for all green crew to do but it is getting more challenging as security improves everywhere. For example, the International Quay in Antibes which was previously a rich source for day work is now completely closed off. You can only get in if you have an appointment with a […]

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In the engine room with Ryan Pownall

Many people ask us how engineers get into the superyacht industry and of course, there is more than one route you can take. We’ve been catching up with Ryan Pownall, who started out as a cadet, to find out how he got into the industry, why he loves it and what he’d recommend if you […]

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How to survive with kids on board!

Having children on board can be a daunting task, especially if, like me, you aren’t hugely keen on the rug rats! (Despite being a parent myself… I know it sounds bad.) During my time on board yachts, there were always had nannies there to accompany the children. However, for the most part, their main aim […]

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