Looking for your first Yacht Engineer role?

We need to talk about Rotation… Rotation is without a doubt the holy grail for the majority of qualified engineers. Whether the appeal is taking time off to further studies, spending time with family, or simply enjoying a healthier work/life balance, everyone is talking about rotation. I’m noticing a higher number of engineers transitioning over […]

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The role of an Engineer on board!

We interviewed Gylan Manson, he gives us a first-hand account on his experience working as an Engineer along with industry advice, tips and tricks!     Name: Gylan Manson Nationality: British Qualification: Chief Engineer Unlimited       When and how did you realise you wanted to become an engineer? When I was 17, at the […]

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The Dog Ate My Homework

Tim Clarke gives his take on honesty among yacht crew – This is a slightly controversial post which people won’t like but every single Captain and Head of Department will agree with me. I’m probably turning into a bitter, twisted cynic in my old age too but something which has irritated me for a while […]

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