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The Dog Ate My Homework

Tim Clarke gives his take on honesty among yacht crew – This is a slightly controversial post which people won’t like but every single Captain and Head of Department will agree with me. I’m probably…

By Tim Clarke

July 23, 2018

An interview with a Charter Chief Stew

Caroline from Quay Crew interviews a Chief Stew under the pseudonym Elizabeth. Here you will find out all about this role, and some great tips and tricks for succeeding as a chief stew – What…

By Caroline Clarke

July 14, 2018

Using Social Media on a Superyacht

Social media has become a huge part of our lives over the past decade. You will struggle not to find a yachty on some platform whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. However sharing your…

By Tom Rose

July 8, 2018

Working as a Female Superyacht Engineer

We interviewed Melanie Furniss on her experience as a Superyacht Engineer! Being a superyacht engineer means taking on the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. This position on board entails very large and complicated…

By Sam More

June 11, 2018

Mental Health Awareness at Sea

Mental Health Awareness at Sea! It’s time we talk about it! Mental health is a topic which needs to be talked about. In the last year or so there has been a spate of suicides on…

By Tim Clarke

June 8, 2018

Working and Entry into an Enclosed Space

When working onboard a yacht there will be times where you will be required to enter into an enclosed space to access or maintain equipment or to complete some maintenance work. These spaces can be…

By Tim Clarke

May 30, 2018

How to really dockwalk

Dockwalking is something that is essential for all green crew to do but it is getting more challenging as security improves everywhere. For example, the International Quay in Antibes which was previously a rich source…

By Tim Clarke

May 16, 2018