Benefits of working as crew on a Super Yacht

Working as crew on a superyacht brings with it ups and downs. With long hours, little space and tedious tasks it’s not a walk in the park. However, if you can survive the pitfalls then the perks can be incredibly rewarding and leave you with some amazing memories. If you’re considering a career as a yachtie, here are just a few reasons why you should step on deck…

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Quay Crew

How to avoid the dreaded sea sickness…

When your feet are telling your brain that you’re on solid ground but you’re in fact constantly rocking and rolling on water, your brain gets confused and you get sick. It’s not inevitable but even the most experienced Yachtie can fall victim to a bout of sea sickness from time to time especially in choppy waters. There’s no real cure for sea sickness so it’s all about prevention – here are some of the most widely used methods to combat feeling green…

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Why working on a super yacht will boost your C.V.

Landing your dream job on board a super yacht is the start of something extremely special. Arguably one of the most unique and varied careers, it offers incredible opportunities and unforgettable experiences. However, when your time on board comes to an end and you decide to move on to pastures new, aside from the memories it’s your C.V. that will be testament to the experiences you’ve had and the skills you’ve picked up along the way. Want to know how it can boost your C.V.? Read on…

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Is a Yachtie Life for you?

Yachting is an incredible industry that offers some truly knock out opportunities to the people who are fortunate enough to get a job.

However, prior to entering the industry it’s a good idea to have a proper idea of what it entails and what might be expected of you. You’ll all have heard the amazing tales of big figure tips, seen the pictures on Facebook of crew wake boarding and then drinking cocktails in the Jacuzzi on the sun deck. You have bought into the yachting dream and you are committed to getting that first job.

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Get the Basics Right!

Every season we see hundreds, if not thousands of new crew looking to enter the industry, all with high hopes of getting their dream job. Eager to start a new adventure, maybe a start of a new life.

Here’s our top tips for making the most of job opportunities…

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