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Why KNOT? The knots you need to know

The Bowline The bowline has been around for centuries. This knot is easy and effective and is compulsory for any deckhand to know. The Bowline has many uses, e.g., to fasten a mooring line to…

By Tim Clarke

September 5, 2017

The written reference is dead

At Quay Crew, we are responsible for scrutinising candidates CV’s, qualifications and verifying that the information provided is true and accurate. We dig deeper to understand our candidates The only way to determine a true…

By Tim Clarke

July 25, 2017

#QuayCrewQuality: 6 Things that Make us Stand Out

Here at Quay Crew, we love what we do. Nothing brings us more pleasure than placing that perfect candidate on board and creating meaningful long-standing relationships with owners, captains and crew, all central to our…

By Tim Clarke

July 17, 2017

Superyacht Toys – The Lowdown

Alongside superyachts come their accessories and there is a whole world of bells and whistles you can buy for your entertainment out on the seas. If you’re taking your friends and family on holiday and…

By Tim Clarke

May 4, 2016