The Dog Ate My Homework

Tim Clarke gives his take on honesty among yacht crew – This is a slightly controversial post which people won’t like but every single Captain and Head of Department will agree with me. I’m probably turning into a bitter, twisted cynic in my old age too but something which has irritated me for a while […]

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How to really dockwalk

Dockwalking is something that is essential for all green crew to do but it is getting more challenging as security improves everywhere. For example, the International Quay in Antibes which was previously a rich source for day work is now completely closed off. You can only get in if you have an appointment with a […]

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Just say no

One of the most frustrating things we experience as a crew agent (and for the yacht that is hiring) is a candidate making positive noises all the way through the recruitment process and then when the offer comes through saying no. It goes without saying that crew are allowed to say no. The role has […]

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