Superyacht Toys – The Lowdown

Alongside superyachts come their accessories and there is a whole world of bells and whistles you can buy for your entertainment out on the seas. If you’re taking your friends and family on holiday and need to keep them busy, chartering your yacht and wanting to make it the best it can be or simply want to enjoy all the trappings available to you then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a huge spectrum of opportunities awaiting on the superyacht toy market…

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An Interview with Zhara Bathe – one of the Superyacht Scholarship winners.

On Wednesday 2nd March The Crew Coach announced the winners of their Superyacht Scholarship, a brand new global competition that gives four lucky hopefuls the opportunity of a lifetime. The scholarship (worth nearly €3,000) provides entry level training courses, certificates, extra goodies and bonuses. We are lucky enough to catch up with Zhara, one of the winners of the Superyacht Scholarship. She shares her experiences of life in the scholarship and how she has progressed into the yachting world.

Zhara was mentored under Caroline from Quay Crew & Chief Stew Fran Garrod.

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Where to land a yachting job

This is an age old question. So, you are making your first foray into the yachting world and you are trying to work out where to base yourself. Where to go? Palma or Antibes? Obviously you don’t have to live in either of these but you need to have easy access to both as this is where all the action is!


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Singapore Yacht Show 2016

From Thursday 7th April, the award-winning ONE°15 Marina club will host the Singapore Yacht Show, a celebration of the world’s finest yachts. The epitome of the luxurious yachting lifestyle, this exclusive event will provide the perfect platform to network with industry professionals, whilst experiencing prestige products, brands, parties, high-end entertainment and much, much more.

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Quay Crew

Qualifications & Certificates – The Basics

Trying to find specific qualifications in order to work on a yacht can be a bit of a minefield. The same role on identical yachts can have completely different specifications and requirements, this is due to its flag state. On top of this there are qualifications needed depending on the size, power and type of the operation on the yacht. So, where do you start?

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Superyachts and the strange requests from passengers


Most Superyachts are owned and funded by eccentric billionaires. They spare no expense when hosting extravagant parties on the waves, showing off their flamboyant power and wealth. The yachting world can be an excessive one, and we want to take a look into the luxurious lifestyle. Here are some of the strangest and most outrageous requests from passengers aboard superyachts…


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The three most expensive Yachts in the world.

As we all know, the yachting world can be a life of luxury. Most superyachts have better facilities than a five-star hotel nowadays. They can brag about the coolest gadgets, bars and swimming pools in the world, a portable island if you will. The 3 selected below are the most lavish toys on the planet and not surprisingly they are owned by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. They cost eye-watering amounts, but with that in mind – they also have some unimaginably beautiful features…


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