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10 Deck Hacks for Junior Crew

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  • Empty your hose!

Don’t just coil the hose neatly and chuck it back in a locker full of water. Make
sure to open the nozzle and drain it of any water. If you run the hose the length of the deck and put
one end on your shoulder, walk the length of the hose this is a quick easy way to empty any water.

  • Use a tool bag

Gather all your tools for the job and use a tool bag so you have everything to hand and
to avoid tools being scattered on deck or left on top of surfaces causing damage. Most importantly,
this reduces the chance of spills onto the deck.

  • Preparation is key!

Take your time to prepare for a job. Rushing the preparation is likely to result in
a poor finish. Make sure you protect surfaces before opening any paint tins.

  • Stowing will save you getting wet

Stowing to go to sea is important. It may seem boring to go round tying everything down but when you hit bad weather and covers are flying off and furniture is sliding up and down the deck you will wish you’d have done it properly the first time.

  • Make sure hatches are dogged down!

Hatches flying open whilst at sea is common. It is also a nightmare when the foredeck hatch busts open filling the bosun locker with inches of water. Make sure to double check all the hatches are dogged down!

  • Vinegar

Pretty much everything can be cleaned with vinegar. It is cheap, easy to use and doesn’t
burn your skin off your hands. Hot water and vinegar is my favourite for cleaning windows, removing
salt of rails and getting stubborn salt off the hull.

  • PPE

Use the right PPE, I keep hearing stories of people kneeling in acid all day whilst scrubbing teak
and then wondering why they have no skin left at the end of the day. Use knee pads! This goes for all
jobs, gloves, googles etc. they are all there for your protection.

  • Ask questions

There is no such thing as a silly question. If you are unsure ASK. Do not go drilling
that hole if you aren’t sure. This is a yacht not your standard home DIY you are doing.

  • Slow is Pro

If you are asked to jump in a tender. Don’t go all out with the throttle. Take your time,
be safe and avoid smashing up the tender.

  • Sunglass cables

Get yourself a pair of sunglass cables or head strap. Watching your new ray bans
sink to the sea floor is gutting! 


I hope you find these ten deck hacks helpful! If you’re currently looking for a deckhand role feel free to email your CV to

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